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Sign up to be a Mentor and we'll pay you to virtually meet with current high schools students and talk about yourself! Guide students to the right school for them by telling them about your application struggles, your experience on campus, extra-curricular organizations, the job hunt, your social life, and everything in between. 

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When someone who matches your academic and extra-curricular interest signs up, we'll reach out to schedule a video call!

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Once we get a meeting on the calendar, just be sure to show up on time (or earlier) and answer your Mentee's questions! After the call, collect your payment.


Ok, I signed up. How long until I hear back?

Awesome! Thanks for signing up. You should hear from us as soon as we have a match for you. That means you could hear from us one day, one week, or one month after signing up. When we reach out, please be sure to respond quickly so we can set up a call ASAP.

What happens when I have a match?

Once we reach out about a match, we schedule the call. Typically, we hope to get something on the calendar for that week. All calls are scheduled via google calendar and the video call link can be found in the calendar invite! All you have to do is confirm a time, accept your calendar invite, and then show up on time (maybe even a minute or two early)!

What do high school students ask?

It depends. Sometimes the student just wants to ask you questions about what you did in high school and how you wrote your college application. Other times, students want to know about the campus environment, how you chose a major, whether or not it's hard to balance clubs with school, etc. Click the link below to see what kinds of questions students are likely to ask:

Potential Questions

What are the calls like? Do I have to prepare?

Every call is scheduled to be 1 hour long. Sometimes they run a bit shorter (you still get paid for the full hour). You do not HAVE to prepare, but doing a little reflection before the call always helps. Think about how you felt when you were applying for college. What do you wish you knew beforehand? Also check out the Potential Questions doc linked above.

What if I forget to show up or have to cancel last minute?

Ok, this is something we would all like to avoid, but sh*% happens. Things come up. That's life. We prefer that you reach out as soon as you know that there's a conflict so that we can reschedule. If you forget to reach out to warn us and totally ghost your Mentee, you will have a flagged profile. If you make another mistake, unfortunately we won't be able to keep you on the AdmitAlly team.

When do I get paid? How do you pay? And most importantly...how much do you pay per call?

You get paid as soon as the call is over and we have received your feedback survey! We pay via Venmo or Paypal. You'll earn more than you'd make by working any campus job, that's for sure. And not that you'd ever do this...but if there is any inappropriate behavior, overly foul language, harassment, or hate speech of any kind, we'll withhold payment and delete your account. Be professional! This is no different from any other job.